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About us

Made with your customizations in mind.

  • Pure Ingredients Made Simple.

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What makes us different?

We've tried almost every combination possible to help you with your tea needs. Not only that, but we have ventured out to different beverages and foods! So you don't have to. Whether it is a seasonal blend, or something pure we can get it for you.

Filipino Owned Tea Shop.

We're really proud of our culture and to be able to share with you, our culture through the art of Tsaa - (tea) makes us filled with gratitude.

Share with us your experience at Tsaa.

Thank you for your continuous and generous support. We are so grateful for all the love through this pandemic. We're always thinking of you!

We're here for you.

412 Danforth Avenue

Mon to Sun : 10 am to 4 am

Closed on Holidays

Call us : 1-647-342-1981

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